forester licensing in Massachusetts

Brian Simm b_simm at
Fri Dec 6 22:07:08 EST 1996

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Massachusetts will soon be licensing foresters. I'm not sure why the
> state is bothering or who's interest it's in to do this. There aren't
> any foresters running amok that I'm aware of. Everyone in this state
> claiming to be a forester has a forestry degree of some sort and many
> years experience. Most of us got into this about the same time, back in
> the 70's. There are very few new foresters entering the business so the
> consultants have no need to to do like every other profession- have a
> closed shop to restrict competition and jack up prices.
> I suppose having a licensing program will give the state forestry people
> something to do, but I can think of more usefull activities for them.
> <G>
> How is forester licensing working out in other states? What are your
> opinions on this? There is a public hearing next week on the rules and
> regulations to go into effect- I'd like to be able to mention how others
> feel about licensing elsewhere in the nation or planet. Not that anyone
> at the hearing cares what I think. <BG>

It might pay you to check on the State of New Hampshire Registration 
Boards Home page. The Webb address is as follows 
 I am a registered Forester in the State. As with most things like this 
it has both its pros and cons. I prefere not to comment either way but 
to let you decide.


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