Renewables Need Help Now!

Steve Segrest stevie2 at
Fri Dec 6 21:11:58 EST 1996

The U.S. House Of Representatives' Renewable Energy Caucus lost 11
Members in the November Election.  

As a bi-partisan Group, made up equally with Republicans and Democrats,
the Caucus does not take specific positions on any legislation.  The
purpose of the Caucus is to just be informed on the issues relating to
Renewable Energy.

A just released Government report done by A.D. Little concluded that
funding for Renewable Energy Development is a waste of money -- setting
the stage for more budget cuts on wind, biomass, and solar energy.

For The Renewable Energy Industry, the House Caucus represents the first
line of defense to make sure Congress makes informed decisions,
balancing ALL THE FACTS.

Please consider sending a pre-written email message to your individual
Member of Congress encouraging them to join the Caucus.  This will take
about 1 minute by visiting the Website 

The time to act is now to have an informed Congress, not next spring and
summer when Budget Cut Proposals will be made.

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