Dawn Redwoods

Steven L. Muha slm11 at axe.humboldt.edu
Fri Dec 6 19:09:15 EST 1996

In article <570rq7$mjc at news.dx.net>, chip at mrnet.com says...
>Hi, I live in Michigan and planted two Dawn Redwoods.  All summer long
>they did great, really got green and full after the shock of
>transplanting.  They should do well in my zone, but they lost all
>their folage when it got cold. Is this a natural thing for them?  i
>really don't know much about them, but I'd hate to find out that they
>are dead.  They are in sandy soil and get good periods of light and
>I don't know if anyone has answered you yet, but dawn redwoods are 
deciduous trees so it is perfectly natural for them to lose their leaves
in winter.....They will be beautiful in spring with their new light 
green foliage......Enjoy

Steven Muha
slm11 at axe.humboldt.edu

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