forester licensing in Massachusetts

M. Hagen mhagen at
Mon Dec 9 15:44:56 EST 1996

Karl Davies wrote:
> Hi Joe-
> As your previous respondent indicated, there are pros and cons to forester
> registration, but I wonder whether the benefits exceed the liabilities.
> It would be interesting to know what the total costs for registration fees
> plus continuing education time cost would come to over a year.
> It might not be so bad if the same forestry bureaucrats didn't effectively
> put a ceiling on what we can charge for management plans by setting the rates
> for SIP plan cost-shares.
> -Karl

Hello from Washington state:
When the SAF recently thought up "certified" status for foresters I
wondered when the rush would begin. In states (such as Wa) where there
are many people employed by agencies with BS. in fields other than
forestry, as well as Forest Techs with decades of experience, the
competion for work is intense.  Frankly, many of the techs out there are
department heads and better.  I suspect a ploy to change the status quo.
This isn't anything new in the history of professions.  
Just my guess. 
Mike Hagen

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