*Top dollar paid* --- Please help me find this book by Christmas! (UPDATE)

jessica_richman at intuit.com jessica_richman at intuit.com
Thu Dec 12 13:39:13 EST 1996

A dear friend has been looking for a book for years, and I would love to 
buy it for him for Christmas.

I am willing to pay *top dollar* to anyone who has this book, and I am 
also willing to *pay for information* on where I can get it.  Please 
reply through e-mail as I do not usually read this newsgroup.  

****  The book is "The Buffalo Commons" by Frank Edwin Egler (1911-), 
perhaps a professor at Rutgers University. ****

It was about managing wild herds in the US for use as a food supply, as 
an alternative to feedlot cattle raising.  The book contained maps 
showing wildlife habitats and human population density.  It was a 
non-fiction, regular-sized hardback (not a textbook) about 1 inch thick, 
published in the 70s, written by a man. 

Please help me find this book by Christmas! 


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