Need info on tree farming

Don Staples dstaples at
Thu Dec 12 17:22:11 EST 1996

Mike O'Brien wrote:
> I have recently purchased 13.3 arcres of land containing mixed trees:
> mostly coniferous (cedar, various pines, hemlock, etc) with a few birches
> and poplars mixed in.
> I am looking for information on how to get as much firewood (energy) off of
> this land as possible without depleting the land. I need to know how long
> each of these tree species take to grow, how closely togther they can grow,
> how much enegy comes from each one, etc.
> So far I have only taken cedar dead fall out of the woods, but I would like
> to try and heat my house next year with the yield.
> Any pointers to web sites, news groups or books would be greatly
> appreciated.

go to your local state or provence forest service office and request the same 
assistance, if you want it professionally done, contact one of your local consulting 
foresters to write up a plan, talk to you, or recommend someone in the state/province.  
This acreage is a little small for a consultant, but, hey, some of us are hungry!

General forestry texts in your local library will be helpful, but I have no titles that 
I can share without knowing your area.  

there is a world of information out there, start with the governmental types and work 
your way into personal competence.  There is a joy in stewardship of the land.

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