Need help w/Common names

Roy N. Keys twokeys at
Fri Dec 13 00:01:45 EST 1996


    According to Seeds of Woody Plants in the United State, Salix
rigida is Missouri River willow, cordata willow, diamond willow, or
just Missouri willow.  I can't help you on any of the others.

Roy Keys
twokeys at

In <19961211021000.VAA06702 at> joedixon at
>I'm having trouble locating any common names for several
>trees with which I am unfamiliar.  Does anyone know the common names
>which the following 5 trees are known?
>Cratageus disperma
>Amelanchier humilis
>Amelanchier interior
>Salix petiolaris
>Salix rigida
>I would prefer a full name for each, I allready known all 3 genuses
>(Hawthorn, Serviceberry, and Willow).  Thanks.

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