International Symbiosis Congress

jim white jwhite at AESOP.RUTGERS.EDU
Mon Dec 16 09:07:27 EST 1996

This message is to announce the upcoming International Symbiosis =
Congress.  The Internat. Symbiosis Congress is held every four years.  =
The previous congress was held in Israel.  This time the meeting is in =
the United States.  There is still time to register to attend the =
meeting and give posters.  On the agenda for the April meeting is a =
proposal to establish a new professional society--the International =
Symbiosis Society.  If you have interest in symbiosis, you may be =
interested in attending this meeting.  You may contact Maria Correa =
(info below) or I can forward your messages.

To be held:	April 13-18  in Woods Hole, MA

Contact:  	Maria Correa
		Dept. Biology
		City College, Convent Ave.--138th St.
		New York, NY 11104

		email: mjc at


Jim White
Dept. of Plant Pathology
Rutgers University

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