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 I don't have access to bionet so hope you don't mind an e-mail.
I live just south of Yosemite (Clovis), on some acres.  I currently am
planting Eucalyptus from seedlings that grow naturally. (1500+).
I wish however to plant many species of trees for various reasons.

Can you indicate where I might be able to obtain seedlings for little
or no cost ? With nurseries charging anywhere from $30.00 up for what
they are willing to sell, my 100+ trees objective will be way too costly.

I also need help in determing tree species that are well suited for the
hardpan/drip irrigation landscape out here.  On the Internet I have found
no authoritative descriptions of suitability.

In case you have comments, these are my objectives:

- Beauty - colors/shapes/smells.
- Shade for my house (summer).
- Fast growing (I'd like to be here to enjoy them).
- Tall ( I'd like to walk under them).
- Fruits/nuts (I have some citrus already).
- Share seedlings in the future.
- Sound barriers, visual break.
- Enjoy seeing the changes year after year

If you cannot provide info, can you please post this in newsgroups that
might ?

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