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Tue Dec 24 22:00:38 EST 1996

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> Jeff,
>  I don't have access to bionet so hope you don't mind an e-mail.
> I live just south of Yosemite (Clovis), on some acres.  I currently am
> planting Eucalyptus from seedlings that grow naturally. (1500+).
> I wish however to plant many species of trees for various reasons.
> Can you indicate where I might be able to obtain seedlings for little
> or no cost ? With nurseries charging anywhere from $30.00 up for what
> they are willing to sell, my 100+ trees objective will be way too costly.
> I also need help in determing tree species that are well suited for the
> hardpan/drip irrigation landscape out here.  On the Internet I have found
> no authoritative descriptions of suitability.
> In case you have comments, these are my objectives:
> - Beauty - colors/shapes/smells.
> - Shade for my house (summer).
> - Fast growing (I'd like to be here to enjoy them).
> - Tall ( I'd like to walk under them).
> - Fruits/nuts (I have some citrus already).
> - Share seedlings in the future.
> - Sound barriers, visual break.
> - Enjoy seeing the changes year after year
> If you cannot provide info, can you please post this in newsgroups that
> might ?

I've been involved in lots of planting and I wouldn't hesitate to buy
good quality planting stock. The effort put into planting far outwieghs
the cost of the stock, and you don't want to have to repeat it, or lose
the potential growing time. Sounds like a fun place to work!

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