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>> Jeff,
>>  I don't have access to bionet so hope you don't mind an e-mail.
>> I live just south of Yosemite (Clovis), on some acres.  I currently am
>> planting Eucalyptus from seedlings that grow naturally. (1500+).
>> I wish however to plant many species of trees for various reasons.
>> Can you indicate where I might be able to obtain seedlings for little
>> or no cost ? With nurseries charging anywhere from $30.00 up for what
>> they are willing to sell, my 100+ trees objective will be way too costly.
>> I also need help in determing tree species that are well suited for the
>> hardpan/drip irrigation landscape out here.  On the Internet I have found
>> no authoritative descriptions of suitability.
>> In case you have comments, these are my objectives:
>> - Beauty - colors/shapes/smells.
>> - Shade for my house (summer).
>> - Fast growing (I'd like to be here to enjoy them).
>> - Tall ( I'd like to walk under them).
>> - Fruits/nuts (I have some citrus already).
>> - Share seedlings in the future.
>> - Sound barriers, visual break.
>> - Enjoy seeing the changes year after year
>> If you cannot provide info, can you please post this in newsgroups that
>> might ?
>I've been involved in lots of planting and I wouldn't hesitate to buy
>good quality planting stock. The effort put into planting far outwieghs
>the cost of the stock, and you don't want to have to repeat it, or lose
>the potential growing time. Sounds like a fun place to work!
Excuse me asking but why on earth do these people get good replies to
bad questions?  Am I thick or is it unreasonable to ask for knowledge or
more tangible items without payment.  I would never have the brass neck
to post a request like the original & reckon the individual has 5

That said, if I was in as bare a boat, I'd get on to some government
agency or school in similar geography & ask to be sent tree seed in
return for a report, penpal letters, allowing school project etc.  I'd
find names & addresses via the internet or world wide library network.
Finally, get on to Australian bods now as it is summer & tree seed
collecting / cutting taking etc. is upcoming.  Incidentally, actual
figures of lat., long, altitude & rainfall & what your location is
actually called would help.  Want some bean tree or similar seed?  Pods
are on trees here now but most else is gone.  Could send you some haws &
rowan berries if you've a bird to pass them through to make them
germinate.  Otherwise do u have a freezer to fool acorns, ash keys etc.
into thinking they've had a winter & do u know your customs could frown
on seed posted to you in case of contamination/infestation?  A
certificate of health costs quite a bit then you need minimum freight
rate's worth of weight sent to you to make costs worthwhile.  (A whole
container of acorns bought by a Japanese party had contents killed by
fumigation.)   Bye for now.
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