Planetary Re-Education: HEMP SAVES WORLD

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Fri Feb 2 14:10:19 EST 1996

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>>	Of course, it's different.  It's not what you're used to.  And it
>>looks funny.  As a self professed forester, it takes reasons like
>>these instead of rational thought to make a decision?  I feel sorry
>>for your patch of woods!..............................TS
>Mr or Ms TS:
>It's unfortunate you are unable to conduct a spirited discussion without being
>insulting, but the anonymity of the Internet makes this inevitable, I suppose.
>At any rate, deforestation occurs when forests are valued less than some other
>use. If they can provide an economic return for their owner, the owner will 
>ensure their continued existence. Don't support hemp because you think it will
>"save" forests. It will do just the opposite.
>Allan Derickson 
>Derickson Forestry Services 
>Freeland, Washington, U.S.A.  alland at

Good point.  A  vegan friend of mine was looking forward to when
all the cows would be set free.  He didn't understand that if the farmers
couldn't sell then, they would kill them. 


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