...: HEMP SAVES WORLD (NOT!) (fwd)

George Stoneberg gks at ohgks.att.com
Tue Feb 6 13:52:40 EST 1996

> Comments on this long post are welcome.

> 5.  Hemp is suitable only for rich sites, on well drained loamy soils (you
> can look this up in any of the standard fiber crop textbooks).  Even there,
> fairly heavy fertilization is required.  Trees, on the other hand, are very
> well suited to poor sites.  

I can't comment on this based on education, but the hemp that grows wild on
my Nebraska acreage will grow anywhere.  When a neighboring field's alfalfa
crop failed, hemp took the field over completely that year.  It is very
difficult to get rid of and believe me I'm not fertilizing it.  Perhaps the
industrial hemp you're referring to is a different strain?  We do have
pretty decent soil, though it's a bit dry.

As far as whether hemp or trees are better fiber producers I'll leave that
to you folks with the knowlege.

gks at ohgua.att.com

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