Planetary Re-Education: HEMP SAVES WORLD

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Tue Feb 6 17:16:58 EST 1996

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>If tree farms are infinitely sustainable, why is there ANY need to cut
>on virgin acreage?
Because it's big profit on old growth timber and that's it.  I think it's
really interesting to find out the "salvage logging" (Gorton-Taylor rider)
trick has generated almost no timber sales of "salvage timber" - all the
sales have been of the old growth forests - all with a suspension of
applicable environmental restrictions.
When questioned about voluntary compliance to protect watersheds (salmon
spawning, etc.), Chris West ( a spokesman for the NW Forestry Assoc.) 
replied "That's a call left up to the individual companies"...

There's a really graet article in the 12/5/95 NY Times page A13 by Timothy
Egan which puts it all in clear focus.  B->

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