Planetary Re-Education: HEMP SAVES WORLD

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"rec.woodworking" as mis-quoted herein on the subject "Re: Planetary
Re-Education: HEMP SAVES WORLD" :
>"At any rate, deforestation occurs when forests are valued less than some other
>"use. If they can provide an economic return for their owner, the owner will 
>"ensure their continued existence. Don't support hemp because you think it will
>""save" forests. It will do just the opposite.
The majority of pulp fiber, here in the S.E., is produced in "pine
plantations".  Their best economic alternative use is lumber
production, not for ground crops like hemp.  Be realistic:  does it
make sense to cut down these trees, stump the land, and then plant an
untried (in that locale) producer?  Sounds expensive.  Most peoples'
response, by default and inertia, is to seek a new market.  If they
grow only trash trees that have no value except as pulp stock, (hard
to imagine but possible), then perhaps conversion of their land use
is in order!
Hemp is a bigger threat to, say, cotton, as far as one crop vs.
another, though it should plant and grow just fine on the same land.
It is a fallacious assumption that if a crop competes with wood fiber
then the world will be deforested.  This does occur in C. & S.
America and S.E Asia where land cultivation practices are out of
control and in the hands of pure speculators and economic barons.  Is
it totally naive to assume this is not the case in USA?
	It just seems like a "forester" wood (sic) know this.  Lighten up.
Also, please consider that the point of view I espouse, the one that
seems to give you so much pause, is not dependent on _my_
credentials, but rather on _reason_.  In fact, if you knew me, you'd
realize that my only credential is as a rational person.       
	Spam includes this huge crosspost "flame bait" you've set up.  Bad
manners you know.  I apologize now to the readers of all these
groups:  I came in on this thinking it was serious debat, and made my
first two posts before realizing the assignment to so many n.g.'s!
	On the subject of cross posting:  I responded to your post:  it was
crossposted to a number of  groups, therefore, so was my reply.  One
for one.  You started the spam, I followed up.  Why don't you need to
comply to standards to which you hold up others?   I quit.

>At 07:00 PM 2/1/96 LOCAL, you wrote:
>And I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know if you're going re-post this. Some 
>of your group are short on manners. 
>Later dude,
>Allan Derickson 
>Derickson Forestry Services 
>Freeland, Washington, U.S.A.  alland at

       You've been notified with an email, I do this every time I
post a reply to a NewsGroup.  You did not show me this courtesy with
your insulting newsgroup post.  None of this furthers your arguments!
        I am sure the habitues of the following newsgroups will
consider your statement on their manners in very poor taste,
regardless of their stand on this debate.  I am very surprised to see
you insult such large segments of your potential audience.  Now which
of these groups are you saying, is by nature, "short on manners":

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