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D. Braun dbraun at u.washington.edu
Thu Feb 8 13:18:20 EST 1996

On 7 Feb 1996, Mckeantree wrote:

> Hey people here is something from WCWC Canada:
> Three BIG Whoppers about forestry:
> WHOPPER: #1: Logging our watersheds is only done to improve water quality.
> TRUTH: Logging increases erosion, run-off and silt in our reservoirs which
> inevitably degrades water quality. logging is done because the bureaucrats
> in charge of it want to keep their jobs
> .
> WHOPPER: #2: Logging reduces fire hazard.
> TRUTH: Logging leaves cut-over areas with slash open to the direct sun
> which dry out and increase fire hazard.
> WHOPPER: #3: Old growth rainforests are full of sick, diseased and
> decadent trees. A young forest is more healthy.
> TRUTH: Old growth rainforests are healthy ecosystems which have evolved
> over thousands of years  to be  more resistant to insects and disease.
> They are naturally regenerating, with trees of all different ages. 
> Decaying wood retains water and supports new life.  The needles of big,
> old trees filter water and their roots hold soils in place.  A young
> even-aged forest which follows clearcutting is much more prone to fire,
> insects, disease and erosion.
> If you all would write or call or e-mail President Clinton  and vice
> President Gore, your congresspersons and forest service "officials" maybe
> we can stop the clearcutting of our national forests.  Contact your local
> ecology center for more info.
More "Whoppers":
Whopper # 4:  Salvaging logging is needed after forest fires to aid 
ecosystem recovery.
Truth:  No, it is not.  In fact, salvage, and the road building, cat 
skidding, and log removal it involves increase erosion, reduce habitat 
for wildlife, and fragment what wild lands we have left.  In fact, fire 
suppression (buldozed fire lanes and backburns) in combimation with 
salvage are the greatest threat to North Americas remaining wilderness.

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