3 WHOPPERS of logging

Gren4ester gren4ester at aol.com
Sat Feb 10 17:09:27 EST 1996

I am sorry that you feel this way.  I as a forester feel sorry for people
that go off running their mouth about what they know very little.  The
national foresters were at first created for a timber reserve.  The woods
were a resource to be used wisely.  Do you think that if we don't cut the
trees the woods will look the same in 200 years?  Things even in the
natural environment CHANGE.  

I do believe in preserving areas and not cutting them.  This does not mean
the ENTIRE national forest.  Remember we would not be cutting any of the
trees down except people like you and me need the fiber for houses, food,
and paper to wipe the BS off my boot from people like you.  

Sorry all it must be said. 

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