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On 2/9/96, BIELECKJ at dnr.state.mi.us wrote:

>Do us all a favor and give us some sound, VIABLE alternatives to these
>problems >(and please don't say lock up all of these acres in some
>wilderness area).  >Like it or not, we are a wood using society and will
>likely remain so well into >the immediate future. While I am not familiar
>with the problems the Canadians >face, I do know that the Forest
>Management Division of the Michigan Department >of Natural Resources (who
>I work for) is DEEPLY committed to maintaining and >enhancing the various
>forest ecosystems that exist over the 3.8 million acre >Michigan State
>Forest System.  Please don't make gross generalizations about >the
>Forestry profession based on what MAY be happening in one part of the
>>world. You do yourself and your beliefs a disservice.

Hear hear!! I must agree with this. I had sent a reply to Mckeantree
directly in which I was likely to imflammatory myself. To be honest, I
respect the efforts of those striving to protect forests from wanton waste
and consumption.

On the other hand, the forest does provide some valuable *sustainable*
products to society when forestry is done properly. I would hope that the
effort could be focused on weeding out the bad apples as oppposed to
accusations and fear-mongering.

Hobie Perry

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