Planetary Re-Education: HEMP SAVES WORLD

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>>>Why d'ye think they call it 'dope'?
>>  The whole point of the message is that Hemp is an industrial quality fibre
>> that is longer and stronger than wood fibre. It grows to maturity in 90 days
>>and grows on marginal land. It has great potential to replace/supplement wood
>>fibre. It can be used for food and plastics. It was used before the
>>introduction of plastics and was legalized in a war-time effort to increase
>>production. The whole message was that Hemp has no THC and nobody calls it
>>dope. If you haven't heard HEMP IS ROPE NOT DOPE.  
>How many rotations until your marginal land is moon dust?

The knee jerk reactions I have seen posted (to quote "Bull Durham" ) are facist
and boring. 
No one would suggest that we plant the earth chest high in hemp- replace
ALL know crops, cut down forests and harvest everyday of the year. The point is
that, using responsible growing and harvesting techniques, hemp could provide a
sound alternative source of biomass etc. 
As far as i can tell the people reading this would also be ones that practice
responsible techniques where and when ever possible. So who are these people
that keep posting reasons why an agricutural crop that was grow up until the
1920's ( and temporarily re-instated during times of war) couldn't be grown
now? (If you want to look up the history of Hemp -- All you people who keep
writing "Where did these facts come from?" can go to the library and find out
that Farmers in Canada are now growing it again because agricuture Canada is
interested in it's potential.  I suggest getting to a good library and check
out HISTORY and AGRICULTURE not HEMP. If you look up hemp as a topic all you
get is the drug mumbo-jumbo and nothing about the industrial crop. Once you
have found stuff like the war-time movie put out by the US gov't called "Hemp
for Victory" (encouraging American farmers to grow hemp) you can post back on
here and let us all in on where you got your info.
One of the Canadian farmers names is Joe Strobel
Try looking him up in the Canadian Bussiness news. 
I would give you the sources myself -- but then I get to read 20 posts that go
something like " OH Yeah I believe that." 

Have fun in the library and get back to us. 
Thanks for your concern 


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