WHOPPERS on logging

Richard Wagner dick at rmy.emory.edu
Mon Feb 12 10:57:49 EST 1996

What a wonderful idea! How about some feedback from non industry affiliated people 
on logging. Tell us where the logging companies are doing  good jobs in your area. 
So far, the only people I have heard defending the practices are those with some 
industry affiliation.

I must say, however, that over the weekend I needed to gain access to my property in 
north Georgia and I found it almost impossible to reach. A local company had begun 
logging last month, in the middle of winter, and has just about destroyed the 
logging road. There is approximately an entire mile of mud and muddy ruts along the 
two mile road. You can see this road disappearing into all the local creeks. The 
loggers, with whom I spoke, said that the road was not their responsibility.
Want names? Valley Logging Co., Valley Head, Alabama.

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