Grey squirrels and bark-stripping damage

joanne lello joanne at
Thu Feb 15 13:07:25 EST 1996

I am currently trying to get a Ph.D. set up studying the endocrine 
mechanisms underlying aggression in the grey squirrel (Sciurus 
carolinensis). Aggression has been closely linked to bark-stripping 
in this species. I am keen to hear from anyone who would like to 
discuss this topic. 

I am still looking for funding, although the project has the support 
of the UK Forestry Commission. If anyone knows of parties who might 
be interested or indeed if anyone out there has some spare cash 
they'd like to invest in a fascinating topic (even if I do say so 
myself) then I'd be thrilled to hear about it.

Joanne Lello-- 

joanne at

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