Planetary Re-Education: HEMP SAVES WORLD

dannie hawkins adruid at
Fri Feb 16 03:13:58 EST 1996

On 11 Feb 1996 05:58:23 GMT, Louis Couture <coutur at> wrote:

>Yes it is my understanding that Hem depletes the soil. Sustained
>harvesting would require heavy use of fertilizers and could lead
>to ground water polution problems.

I think All anual crops, even if rotated, depletes the soil of
nutrients, which in turn,  leads to the use of fertilizers. We, et al,
are burning our farmland up, And poluting our lakes, streams, ground
water etc., by our _forced_ heavy use of fertilizers to feed the masses
of the world.  The saved masses then produce another bumper crop of more
mouths to feed, clothe, and shelter, and of course they have to have
potable water.

But what the hell, science, sweet jesus, and humanist got us into this
situation, so I'm sure they will get us out of it.
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