WHOPPERS on logging

BIELECKJ at dnr.state.mi.us BIELECKJ at dnr.state.mi.us
Tue Feb 20 14:39:11 EST 1996

>   weinb901 at raven.csrv.uidaho.edu (Carl D Weinberger) writes:
>  For
>  instance I've had more than one old timer tell me about how if one of 
>  the loggers got seriously hurt during the day, they would lean him up 
>  against a stump and, if he was still alive at the end of the day, they 
>  would take him in for doctoring. 
I heard a story once about a logger who worked in Michigan's Upper Peninsula during the heyday of hardwood logging in the 
1920's.  Apparently he had just come off some type of stomach surgery, and not wanting to miss work, just kept on working in the 
woods.  As you can imagine, the stitches from the surgery gradually worked loose which caused his guts to spill out onto his lap.  
I honestly don't know whether he lived or died.  I heard this from a old logger who witnessed the whole thing (and who had a 
photographic memory).  Your point about logging today being safer than yesteryear is well taken.

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