How many trees?

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 > I am not sure this is the correct forum to post this question but here it 
 > goes anyway - How many trees would have to be destroyed to produce 
 > 563,000 sheets of copy paper?  This question was presented in our employee 
 > newsletter by our director... who by the way does not recycle...hopefully 
 > the answer will shock him into changing his ways.  Thanks,

I think the answer may shock you. Actually, the answer is probably NONE!
Much of the fiber that goes into making paper is residues from lumber     
manufacturing. The forest products industry must be very efficient today and
uses everything from the tree. What doesn't go into lumber is chipped and used
to make paper. The bark is used for mulch around your house. The sawdust is
used for animal bedding or mixed into the mulch.

Now, that doesn't mean that recycling isn't a good idea - it is. But it isn't
so much a thing to SAVE trees but to save landfills. The waste is going
somewhere. Trees are our only renewal resource. Harvest then regenerate. We
have more trees today than we did 40 years ago, because we can manage our
forests. But landfills are a limited resource. They fill up. Put the waste
paper back into the paper, not into the landfill.

And if you check it out, most of the recycled paper is mixed with virgin fiber
(non-recycled). The best  quality papers come from virgin fibers. Even the
Sierra Club has printed its calendars on virgin fiber.

Hope this helps.


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