Scott Golden sgolden at
Fri Feb 23 03:45:33 EST 1996

I guess it would really help if I gave you the URL. It is   

-Scott G.

On Fri, 23 Feb 1996, Scott Golden wrote:

> 	This is an invitation to browse our new homepage for members of 
> the American Tree Farm system within Colorado and the central Rocky 
> Mountain region.  It is intended as an aid and communication tool to 
> better enable landowners to practice sound silvicultural methods.  
> Ideally it will address concerns unique to the region such as topography 
> as it relates to harvesting, limited available moisture and soil 
> conditions, site specific sivicultural methods, fire management, etc.
> 	Hopefully we will see more home pages from other Tree 
> Farm/Private Woodland regions throughout the world (HINT)!
> Take Care,
> Scott Golden 

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