Request for input on planting trees

Brent Leback brentl at
Fri Feb 23 18:57:24 EST 1996

I recently purchased 5 acres of land that was logged within the
past few years.  It is fairly good timberland in Central Washington.
With spring approaching, I thought I might plant some trees.  Right
now the acreage is covered with fallen slash, vine maple, and a few
standing trees (mostly hemlock) that were too small for the logger 
to take.
Any recommendations on how thick I should plant?  Varieties?  I'm
thinking mostly douglas fir, and maybe might try some blue spruce,
sequoia, and big-leafed maple for fun.
I should also add I'm in my 30's, and am planting mostly for my
own enjoyment (i.e. don't expect to make $$$ off of these trees).

- Brent L.
brentl at    Brent D. Leback   (503) 644-6106

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