St. Croix hair sheep for agroforestry

Robert H. Faust drfist at
Sat Feb 24 19:10:08 EST 1996

Information on the St. Croix hair sheep is now on the Faust BioAg web 

The St. Croix is a prolific ³hairsheep² which doesn¹t produce wool which 
makes it ideal for the Tropics although it does well in the north.  The 
St. Croix can have 3 lamb crops every 2 years and normally has twins. 
They bred back while still nurseing a two month old lamb.  This is a 
fine meat breed and hardy as well as parisite (worms) resistant as 
adults. The St. Croix is the perfect small meat animal for the south and 
for controlling weeds in orchards. They are docile and easy to handle 
and pure white. I have breeding stock for export.

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