eucalyptus trees

Studenten Fachbereich Gartenbau gast at ifgb.uni-hannover
Sat Feb 24 11:30:13 EST 1996

I would advise you, not to plant eucalyptus. It grows very fast without 
any fertilizing, but the causes for the ecologie are very heavy. The 
eucalyptus tree pushes all water from the soilground and after a fiew 
years the region is so dry, that no other plant will rais there.Many 
countries which planted eucalyptus, have great problems now. In the 
eucalytus leaves is contained an oil, that makes the soil poisenous for 
aboriginal plants, when the leaves fall to the ground. Animals of the 
country do not accept this tree. They dont eat the leaves and no one live 
in the eucalyptus wood.Eucalyptus forrests, planted fare from australia, 
are so rare of animals and plants like no other form of forrest.( For 
instance in Portugal and Spain where is planted Eucalyptus globolus, E. 
pauciflora and an other specie of eucalyptus.)
It will be better to plant aboriginal trees of the countrie.Maybe they 
grow slowlier than imported species, but they are much better for the 
ecologie of the phillipines.

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