Tree Farming

tiresius at tiresius at
Mon Feb 26 18:26:29 EST 1996

	I live in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), and though I have an
undergraduate degree in Biology, my carreer has taken me away from it.

	I have been interested in the idea of tree farming as an avocation.
My general question is, can one tree farm as a small time independant?

	If so, I was planning on acquiring some land within a 2 hour radius of
Montreal (ie southern Quebec, western Ontario, up state New York), and
was hoping that such a venture would at least pay for the property (in
the long run) and pay for any yearly taxes, not to mention to money
needed in investing in planting/thinning/harvesting.

	What is the minimum acreage needed to make the effort worthwhile?  (I
was considering something around 100 acres.)
	Where can I find more information regarding tree farming, as well as
related contacts (eg lumbar mills, etc.)
	What is the "average profit/loss" per acre in small scale tree
	While I am sure tree farmining is not a "lucrative investment," what
is the potential for profit over time?

Thanks to all in advance,

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