Need carbon sink info

Richard Fox rcfox at
Wed Feb 28 08:42:45 EST 1996

I have a client who is putting together a database for the energy
companies on potential carbon sink locations and various aspects of
creating carbon sinks in different countries.  This is in response to
the anticipated carbon emission tax that has been circulating within
the energy sector the last several years.  Currently, becoming involved
in reforestation projects to be used as carbon sinks is voluntary, but
it is assumed any such voluntary efforts will count when/if mandatory
regulations are put in place.

My client is looking for information on countries that could be
potential candidates for carbon sink projects.

What type of land might be available, willingness and capability of
foresters, governments and NGO's to develop such projects, types of 
trees and projects to consider..  and in general opinions on using 
carbon sinks as a reforestation incentive.

Information can be sent to me at 

Richard Fox
Global Resources Inc
9501 Lomond Drive
Manassas, VA 22110

(703) 330-3889

or via e-mail ar rcfox at

Thank you for your opinions and assistance.  

R Fox

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