MWGoodale mwgoodale at
Wed Feb 28 22:53:17 EST 1996

I am the author of foresight responding to Bob Miller. The reason that I
wrote this fictious was to show what can happen when we do not look into
the future. I dearly hope that we will not be faced with the future that
John and Bruce found. I am only a writer, I am trying to get people to
think. I do not know what to do inorder to for us to sustainably cut our
forests. One thing I do know is that our wild areas are disappearing at a
rapid rate, and this pains me greatly. I think that wood is a wondeful
product and I use every day myself, so I do not suggest that hide every
thing away in a park some where. We must just look into the future so that
we will have the forest here for our children, and their children. 

If you have some ideas on how we can avoid my future, please write me, and
tell others.

-Wing Goodale

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