Need carbon sink info

Fred Wright fwright at
Wed Feb 28 20:41:14 EST 1996

Richard Fox <rcfox at> wrote:
> I have a client who is putting together a database for the energy
> companies on potential carbon sink locations and various aspects of
> creating carbon sinks in different countries.  This is in response to
> the anticipated carbon emission tax that has been circulating within
> the energy sector the last several years. 


Our firm is now tracking carbon sink projects, as our trees
(for example) will absorb at least 5X the carbon of pines when
planted tree-for-tree on the same measure of land.

Carolina Pacific's patent-applied-for variety of paulownia will
thrive across the entire lower third of the U.S. and in a narrow
band up the Pacific coast.

Seedling orders are due NOW for April and May installations.  For
detailed information, I invite you to visit my home page:
I welcome your comments and suggestions!

Good luck with your commendable project.

Fred Wright
Carolina Pacific
Aiken, SC
fwright at

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