Honey locust beans (Gleditsia triacanthos)

Scott Golden sgolden at vth1.vth.colostate.edu
Fri Jan 5 06:00:34 EST 1996

Possible growth of honey locust spines from your appendages?!

Joel B Gruver (jbgFC at HAMP.HAMPSHIRE.EDU) wrote:

: Hello,
: Last year I discovered a honey locust tree in Amherst, MA that had an 
: exceptionally large crop of pods. I collected some green  pods in late 
: August or maybe early September. I shelled the beans and tasted a few. The beans 
: were very similiar to vegetable soybeans in size and taste. Is anyone aware 
: of problems with human consumption of honey locust beans ? I meant to 
: cook up a big pot of them for my friends but never got around to picking 
: any more.
: I look forward to hearing from anyone who knows about honey locust beans 
: as part of the human diet.

: Joel Gruver
: agruver at mail.bcpl.lib.md.us

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