Forestry at University of Montana

Steve Lickiss ez043350 at
Fri Jan 12 01:56:57 EST 1996

	Currently I am a undergraduate student at the University of 
California Davis.  I am studying wildlife and fisheries biology here.  
Although I now know that I would rather be majoring in forestry.  
Unfortunately, Davis does not offer a forestry program.  Therefore I am in 
the process of looking for a college that has a good forestry program.  I 
have checked into the program at the University of Montana and it sounds 
pretty good.  Does anyone know anything about the quality of UM's 
forestry school?  Also, does anyone have any suggestions for other 
colleges that offer good forestry programs?  
	Another idea that I have is that maybe I should just get my B.S. 
in wildlife and fisheries biology here at Davis, and then pursue a 
Master's degree in forestry.  Is this a possible route to take?  Can 
you get a Master's degree in forestry without having taken any prior 
forestry courses?  If this is possible, does anyone have any suggestions 
for master's programs in forestry?

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