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Call for Abstracts
3rd Annual Conference on the St. Lawrence River Ecosystem=20
May 14-16, 1996 - Civic Complex, Cornwall, Ontario

Canada, the United States and the Mohawk Community at Akwesasne share=20
one of the World's major river systems - the majestic St. Lawrence. =20
Students, professors, government managers, community leaders,=20
environmentalists, business and industry representatives, and other=20
inquisitive minds from universities, colleges, and other science=20
centres are invited to share their knowledge and their science on the=20
River's state, its major stressors, and its potential for=20
rehabilitation and recovery.  The Conference is intended to be an=20
integrated scientific exploration of problems and issues of strategic=20
importance in order to lead to the River's rehabilitation.  Sessions=20
will be structured to include natural, health and social science=20
perspectives on the problems and solutions that represent the St.=20
Lawrence Ecosystem challenge.  The conference will be an opportunity to=20
enhance international and regional dialogue among different levels of=20
government, different cultural and linguistic groups, and other=20
stakeholders and to facilitate partnership building for the sake of=20
better public policy.  This Conference will provide a forum for the=20
presentation of final research results from the three-year St. Lawrence=20
River Ecosystem Recovery Project (1993 - 1996), a Green Plan,=20
Tri-Council research project being carried out by the Institute for=20
Research on Environment and Economy (IREE), University of Ottawa.  The=20
entire St. Lawrence River community is extended an invitation to=20
participate and to comment on the science presented.

Themes to be explored at the conference

Public policy in the St. Lawrence River - Great Lakes Basin=09

Landscape Ecology of the St. Lawrence River - Great Lakes Basin

Fisheries Science

Biological Effects Monitoring=09

Relative Significance of Environmental Problems in the Cornwall/Massena=20

		Sediment Contamination

Human Health in the Ecosystem

Wetlands Integrity

Air Quality - monitoring and change


Agriculture - ground water contamination, pesticide use

Education - perceptions, innovations and the media

L'ethique Environnementale

RAPs, ZIPs, public participation and environmental activism

St. Lawrence River Ecosystem Geology=20

Naturalized Knowledge Systems

History of the River

Any other paper or poster regarding the St. Lawrence River Ecosystem.


Please submit abstracts to:

Attention: Roger Needham, Academic Committee, Department of Geography,=20
University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6N5. E-mail:=20
rdnad at . =20

Deadline for Paper and Poster Abstracts=20

Paper and poster abstracts must be submitted to the Academic Committee=20
no later than February 15, 1996. =20

Announcement of Acceptance=20

The announcements of acceptance will be mailed to presenting authors on=20
March 15, 1996.  A registration package and fees list for the=20
conference will be included with the announcement.


Please prepare an abstract that is readable for a general audience.  It=20
should be a maximum of 250 words, including a clear statement of=20
purpose, a brief overview of method or approach, a summary of results,=20
and a concluding statement.

Please submit the abstract on a 3=BD" diskette in an IBM WordPerfect or=20
Word 5.x format.  Please label the disk with the last and first name(s)=20
of the presenter(s).  Please submit two hard copies of the abstract=20
with the diskette.  You may also send your abstract, in ASCII format,=20
to rdnad at .  Final papers must be submitted by March=20
15, 1996.

The abstracts will not be edited.  Authors are responsible for=20
spelling, grammatical and typographical accuracy.  Type the title in=20
upper and lower case, followed by the author(s), affiliations(s), and=20
address(es).  The name of the person who will present the paper or=20
poster should appear first in the case of co-authors.  The body of the=20
abstract should be single spaced in upper and lower case.  Do not use=20
underline or boldface.  Abstracts will be published in the conference=20
Please indicate your preference of platform or poster presentation.  In=20
planning your presentation, please note that each platform speaker is=20
allotted 20 minutes, including questions and discussion.  Audio-visual=20
equipment will be provided for your presentation with advance notice of=20
48 hours.  A critique of each presentation will be made by members of=20
the community. =20

A specific time will be allotted during the conference for a poster=20
session.  Poster presenters are expected to remain with their poster=20
during that time.  Posters must have maximum dimensions of 5' x 6' and=20
may be free standing or mounted on display boards.  Presenters are=20
responsible for supplying their own means of attachment.

For more information, please contact:

Conference Committee, St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental=20
Sciences, 709 Cotton Mill Street, Cornwall, Ontario, K6H 7K7.  Phone #:=20
(613) 936-6620, Fax: (613)936-1803.  E-mail: dleech at
Attention: David Leech, Conference Coordinator.=20

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