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Mon Jan 22 05:26:06 EST 1996

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from: Vesa Muurinen
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Subject: Seed-exchange

   Hello friends

   I'm living in Finland and would like to find contacts with persons,
   who were willing to send me small amounts of seed of woody plants
   and some perennials, too. The plants to grow would be used in an
   own arboretum containing north-american species.

   The seed ought to be native to the area and only those surely-
   identified would do. I'd also need names of collecting-places.
   I am not after endangered species, the common local species of
   trees, shrubs, shrublets and vines would be o.k.

   When remembering the cool climate of Finland, I'd prefer the regions
   climatically comparable to us: interior NW-states and B.C.; YUK, ALB,
   SAS, MAN, ONT, QUE, LAB, NFDL, N.B., interior N.S., nMN, nNY, VT, NH,
   and ME as well as higher parts of Rocky Mountains and Appalachians.

   I could offer to exchange seed of native plants of Finland and, if
   wanted, seed of local garden plants. I also have some seed of eastern
   Asia and some contacts to get more from that direction.

   I would also be willing to pay of seeds, when wanted.

   Thank you for patience; this request may be too heavy!

   Regards Vesa Muurinen

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