Drying Pacific Madrone

Al Stangenberger forags at nature.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Jan 23 20:39:43 EST 1996

arne at snowcrest.net wrote:
: Frank Fick (bubbyfic at snowcrest.net)  wrote:

: >Does anybody out there have any information on drying Madrone lumber?

: UC Berkeley has done some work I read about years ago. I don't know if they 
: have a Forestry dept, per se, anymore. It had to do w/ replacing (displacing) 
: the water w/ ammonia or PEG or something like that. 

We don't have a Forestry Department at present, but we still offer an
SAF-accredited B.S. degree in Resource Management with Forestry emphasis.

The madrone research was carried out at the Forest Products Laboratory,
which still exists ( phone: (510) 215-4200 ).  FPL is not part of the
department which teaches forestry -- it's a separate organization.

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