Model Pinus species

Dr Leonard N. Bloksberg L.Bloksberg at
Tue Jan 30 19:04:47 EST 1996

Does anyone have a suggestion of an obscure (or common) species
in the pinus genus that might serve as an interesting system for
transformation and physiological studies to test recombinant 
gene constructs of genes from agronomic pinus species?  
	You know, something that would be easy to grow, transform,
and raise in tissue culture.  Something that grows quickly and
matures in a couple years and shows all the basic physiological 
attributes of a big commercial pine tree.  I'm interested in 
looking at both promoter constructs of known genes, and coding
regions of questionable/novel genes, and I don't want to wait for
my grandchildren before I see results.  I haven't found anything
myself, and would appreciate if someone might share their favorites
with me.  Thanks.
Dr. Leonard N. Bloksberg
L.Bloksberg at
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