Dope saves the world NOT!

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>> >The idea is nto to convert existing forests to hemp plantations, but to use 
>> >existing agricultural land for the production of hemp. This saves the forests
>> >and gives farmers an alternative cropping system
>> >Matt
>> Fuzzy logic, Matt. You assume (wrongly) that forests need saving. There's more
>> forests, trees, volume, however you want to quantify it, than there was 200 
>> years ago.

>Where did you get this information??? the Rush Limbaugh Forestry server?
>More trees that 200 years ago, how can you utter such nonsense?
First-hand knowledge.  I live here. I work here. I even went to college (yes, 
Thomas, even conservatives graduate from college). Any scientific review of 
the historic aspects of forestry will show you this (forest history, not 
graduation from college). The new world forests, contrary to the idyllic 
perception of the eco-pixies, were not without widespread destruction; massive 
devasting fires that make todays forest harvests look like nothing. Sir 
Francis Drake's logs (no pun) recount sailing down the Pacific Coast for days 
and seeing a continuous fire blazing along much of the coast. The science of 
dendrochronology says much the same. Now how did the salmonids survive when 
entire watersheds of hundred of square miles were completely immolated. 

It's a myth, believed by most of you city-folk, that the forests of the past 
we're like the parks of today. And this is a cleverly devised myth by the 
eco-lobby to further their powerful "chicken-little" fundraising efforts.

And what's Rush Limbaugh got to do with it? Does he upset you? I wonder why...

>> Give me a break: "Planetary re-education"  "Hemp Saves the World" who's 
>> kidding whom?
>> This whole thing is just a thinly veiled campaign to legalize dope.

>Maybe that would cure some of the hypocrisy the world is suffering 

Smoking dope curing the worlds hypocrisy? Now there's some sound reasoning!
Concerning your passion to defend dope..."me thinks thou dost protest too 
much." -Othello
Smoke 'em if ya got 'em, eh?

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