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Wed Jan 31 10:23:31 EST 1996

Yourid at pop.srv.ualberta.ca (Your Name) wrote:
> I'm looking for information regarding the wood pellet industry in Canada 
> and the U.S.  If anyone can supply any information to this newsgroup or 
> to my e-mail address it would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Myriane Courtois

Will you please share responses with me when you
receive them?

I work with Carolina Pacific, which produces a patent-
applied-for variety of paulownia designed for US plantations.
These trees thrive across the southern third of the US and
up the Pacific coast.

They are ideal for pellet mill fodder; paulownia has
some natural resistance to fire, but will burn with an
acceptable BTU output.  It may also serve as a combustion
moderator in concert with other 'hotter-burning' woods.

I also have another pellet mill product which I will discuss
confidentially with interested parties off the 'net.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail if I can be of further 


Fred Wright
Carolina Pacific
Aiken, SC
fwright at groupz.net

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