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++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++HOW TO MAKE LOTS OF CASH, Interested?  Read on!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Hello! I've got some awesome news that I think you need to take two minutesto read if you have ever thought "How could I make some serious cash in ahurry???" , or been in serious debt,  ready to do almost anything to get themoney needed to pay off those bill collectors. So grab a snack, a warm cupof coffee, or a glass of your favorite beverage, get comfortable and listento this interesting, exciting find!   Let me start by saying that I FINALLY FOUND IT! That's right! I found it!And I HATE GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES!! I hate those schemes like multi-levelmarketing, mail-order schemes, envelope stuffing scams, 900 number scams...the list goes on forever. I have tried every darn get rich quick scheme outthere over the past 12 years. I somehow got on mailing lists for peoplelooking to make money (more like 'desperate stupid people who will tryanything for money!').  Well,  when I was a teenager,  these claims to 'getme rich quick' sounded irresistible! I would shell out $14.95 here, $29.95there, $24.95 here, and another $49.95 there.  I had maxed out my newCircuit City Card AND my Visa...I was desperate for money!!  So, I gave themall a chance but failed at every one of them! Maybe they worked for somepeople, but not for me.  Eventually, I just tossed that JUNK MAIL in thetrash when I got the mail.  I recognized it right away.  I can smell amoney scam from a mile away these days,  SO I THOUGHT.... I thought I couldsniff out a scam easily.  WAS I WRONG!!  ....I LOVE THE INTERNET!!!   I was scanning thru a NEWSGROUP and saw an article stating to GET CASHFAST!!  I thought..."Here on the Internet??  Well, I'll just have to seewhat schemes could possibly be on the internet." The article described a wayto MAIL A ONE DOLLAR BILL TO ONLY FIVE PEOPLE AND MAKE $50, 0000 IN CASHWITHIN 4 WEEKS!  Well,  the more I thought about it, the more I becamevery curious. Why?  Because of the way it worked AND BECAUSE IT WOULDONLY COST ME FIVE DOLLARS (AND FIVE STAMPS), THAT'S ALL I EVER PAY....EVER!!   Ok, so the $50,000 in cash was maybe an tough amount to reach, but it waspossible.  I knew that I could at least get a return of $1,000 or so.  So Idid it!! As per the instructions in the article, I mailed out ('snail mail'for you e-mail fanatics)  a single dollar bill to each of the five people onthe list that was contained in the article.  I included a small note, withthe dollar, that stated "Please Add Me To Your List."  I then removed thefirst position name of the five names listed and moved everyone up one po-sition, and I put my name in position five of the list.  This is how themoney starts rolling in!  I then took this revised article now with my nameon the list and REPOSTED IT ON AS MANY NEWSGROUPS AND LOCAL BULLETIN BOARDMESSAGE AREAS THAT I KNEW.  I then waited to watch the money come in...pre-pared to maybe receive about $1000 to $1500 in cash or so.... But what awelcome surprise when those envelopes kept coming in!!!  I knew what theywere as soon as I saw the return addresses from people all over the world-Most from the U.S., but some from Canada, even some from Australia!  I tellyou, THAT WAS EXCITING!!  So how much did I get in total return?  $1000?$5000? Not even!!! I received a total of $23,343!!!  I couldn't believe it!!   I now have a brand new black Acura Integra to speak for, due to this!!Now after almost 8 months, I am ready to do it again!!! So maybe it waspossible to get $50,000 in cash, I don't know, but  IT COMPLETELY DEPENDSON YOU, THE INDIVIDUAL!  You must follow through and repost this articleeverywhere you can think of!  The more postings you achieve will determinehow much cash will arrive in your very own mailbox!!  It's just too easy topass up!!!   Let's review the reasons why you should do this:  The only cost factorsare for the five stamps, the 5 envelopes and the 5 one dollar bills that yousend out to the listed names by snail mail (US Postal Service Mail).  Thenjust simply repost the article (WITH YOUR NAME ADDED) to all the newsgroupsand local BBS's you can.  Then sit back and, (ironically), enjoy walking(you can run if you like! :o  ) down your driveway to your mailbox andscoop up your rewards!!  We all have five dollars to put into such an easyeffortless investment with SPECTACULAR REALISTIC RETURNS OF $15,000 to$25,000 in about 3-5 weeks!  So HOLD OFF ON THOSE LOTTERY NUMBERS FOR TODAY,EAT AT HOME TONIGHT INSTEAD OF TAKEOUT FROM McDONALD's AND INVEST FIVEDOLLARS IN THIS AMAZING MONEY MAKING SYSTEM NOW!!! YOU CAN'T LOSE!!   So how do you do it exactly, you ask?  I have carefully provided the mostdetailed, yet straightforward instructions on how to easily get this under-way and get your cash on its way.  SO, ARE YOU READY TO MAKE SOME CASH!!!??HERE WE GO!!!*** THE LIST OF NAMES IS AT THE END OF THIS ARTICLE. ***OK,  Read this carefully.  Get a printout of this information, if you like,so you can easily refer to it as often as needed.INSTRUCTIONS:1.  Take a sheet of paper and write on it the following: "Please add my nameto your list".  This creates a service out of this money making system andthus making it completely legal.  You are not just randomly sending a dollarto someone, you are paying one dollar for a legitimate service.  Make sureyou include your name and address.  I assure you that,  again,  this iscompletely legal!  For a neat little twist, also write what slot their namewas in: "You were in slot 3",  Just to add a little fun!  This is all abouthaving fun and making money at the same time!2.  Now fold this sheet of paper around a dollar bill ,(no checks or moneyorders), and put them into an envelope and send it on its way to the fivepeople listed.  The folding of the paper around the bill will insure itsarrival to its recipient. THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT!!3.  Now listen carefully, here's where you get YOUR MONEY COMING TO YOURMAILBOX.   Look at the list of five people;  remove the first name fromposition one and move everyone on the list up slot one on the list.  Pos-ition 2 name will now move to the position 1 slot ,  position 3 will now be-come position 2, 4 will be be 3, 5 wil be 4.  Now put your name, address,zipcode AND COUNTRY in position 5, the bottom position on the list.4.  Now upload this updated file to as many newsgroups and local bulletinboards' message areas & file section as possible.  Give a catchy descriptionof the file so it gets noticed!!  Such as: "NEED FAST CASH?, HERE IT IS!" or"NEED CASH TO PAY OFF YOUR DEBTS??",  etc.  And the more uploads, the moremoney you will make, and of course, the more money the others on the listwill make too.  LET'S ALL TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER BY BEING HONEST AND BYPUTTING FORTH 120 PERCENT INTO THIS PROFITABLE & AMAZING SYSTEM!!! You'llreap the benefits, believe me!!! Set a goal for the number of total uploadsyou'll post, such as 15-20 postings or more!  Always have a goal in mind!!!If you can UUE encode the file when uploading,  that will make it easier forthe people to receive it and have it downloaded to their hard drive.  Thatway they get a copy of the article right on their computer without hasslesof viewing and then saving the article from the File menu. Don't alter thefile type, leave it as an MS-DOS Text file. The best test is to be able toview this file using Microsoft's Notepad for Windows 3.x or WordPad forWindows '95. If the margins look right without making the screen slide leftor right when at the ends of the sentences, you're in business!5.  If you need help uploading, simply ask the sysop of the BBS, or "POST" amessage on a newsgroup asking how to post a file,  tell them who yourInternet provider is and PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS BE GLAD TO HELP.  I would try todescribe how to do it but there are simply too many internet software pack-ages with slightly different yet relatively simple ways to post or upload afile.  Just ask for help or look in the help section for 'posting'. I doknow that for GNN, you simply select 'POST' then enter a catchy descriptionunder the subject box, choose 'ATTACH', selecting 'UUE' and NOT 'TXT', thenchoose 'Browse' to go look for the file. Find your text file CASH.TXT andclick on it and choose 'OK'.  Place a one line statement in the main bodysection of the message post screen. Something like "Download this to readhow to get cash arriving in your mailbox with no paybacks!" or whatever.Just make sure it represents its true feasibility, NOT something like..."Get one million dollars flooding in your mailbox in two days!"  You'llnever get ANY responses!6.  And this is the step I like.  JUST SIT BACK AND ENJOY LIFE BECAUSECASH IS ON ITS THE WAY!!  Expect to see a little money start to trickle inaround 2 weeks, but AT ABOUT WEEKS 3 & 4, THE MONEY STORM WILL HIT YOURMAILBOX!! All you have to do is take it out of the mailbox and try not toscream too loud (outside anyway) when you realize YOU HIT THE BIG TIMEAT LAST!!7.  So go PAY OFF YOUR BILLS AND DEBTS and then get that something specialyou always wanted or buy that special person in your life (or the one youwant in your life)  a gift they'll never forget.  ENJOY LIFE!8.  Now when you get low on this money supply,  simply re-activate this fileagain; Reposting it in the old places where you originally posted and poss-ibly some new places you now know of.  Don't ever lose this file, alwayskeep a copy at your reach for when you ever need cash.  THIS IS AN INCRED-IBLE TOOL THAT YOU CAN ALWAYS RE-USE TIME AND TIME AGAIN WHEN CASH ISNEEDED!9.  (This step added by Charles Reiley).  Hello, This is exciting isn't it?!While I'm on the list, just add a note saying "Please include extra moneytips" with your name & E-MAIL address, and I will (FOR FREE) send you someneat methods to increase the money you will receive with this plan.Why?... Why not? I'm not a selfish jerk...I like helping out others.E-mail just makes it a touch easier and cheaper, too!  After I drop off thelist, I can no longer offer you this advice, obviously, but maybe someoneelse who gets my tips will offer and simply replace my name on this stepnumber 9. Good luck and give this plan your all, it will definitely pay off!Like Mike said, HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!********************************************************************************************************************************************************THE NAMES LIST       THE NAMES LIST      THE NAME LIST      THE NAMES LIST*****************************************************************************                HONESTY IS WHAT MAKES THIS PROGRAM SUCCESSFUL!!!**  **  1. Bob Bearsch*      106-3 Sunset Ct.*      Clemson, Sc 29631**  2. Mike Tulsky*      35 Canyon Ave. #1604*      Downsview, Ontario*      M3H 4Y2 Canada**  3. Bartosz Brodowicz*      6-4160 Bond Street*      Burnaby, BC*      V5H 1G2*      Canada*
*  4.  C.J. Harris*        125 Rathgar Road,*         Dublin  6,*         Ireland.
*  5.  Charles Kontos
*        75 East Prospect Ave.
*        Woodbridge, NJ 07095
*        USA
****************************************************************************NOTE:Try to keep a list of everyone that sends you a dollar and always keep aneye on the local postings of this file... Just to make sure that everyoneis playing the game fairly. You know where your name should be.....*** AGAIN,  HONESTY IS THE BEST THING WE HAVE GOING FOR US ON THIS PLAN.-Mike Dotson, Boulder, CO*** By the way, if you try to deceive people by posting the messages withyour name in the list and not sending the money to the people alreadyincluded, you will not get much. I know someone who did this and only gotabout $150 (and that's after two months). Then he sent the 5 bills, peopleadded him to their lists, and in 4-5 weeks he had over $10000! All thelists are re-distributed as soon as the money is received.    ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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