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ing. Zdenek Bartos, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology
Department of Forestry and Forest Products Technology 
Zemedelska 3,  613 00 Brno,  CZECH REPUBLIC
fax: CZ/5/4521 1422

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               The 18th world congress of the
         Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Science
The 2nd conference of the Forestry Section - Sustainable Forestry
      Brno, Czech Republic, 27. August - 29. August 1996

The key thesis: Philosopy of sustainable forestry
                Technology in forestry
                Forestry politics and economics

NOTICE: The papers will be mostly only in Czech and Slovak language !
Please, hand over this message to your friends of the Czech or Slovak 

Contact: The Dean's Office
         Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno
         Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology
         Zemedelska 3
         613 00 Brno
         Czech Republic
         tel.: +42 5 4513 4109
         fax:  +42 5 4521 1422
         e-mail: bartos at
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