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Larry Daley daleyl at
Tue Jun 4 14:40:14 EST 1996

Todd and others:

If you have time could you ponder this project and offer input from your 
personal experience it would be appreciated.

My family holds title to an area of rainforest/coffee in Cuba.  The area
is one of the most beautiful in a beautiful country and has the highest
waterfall in the country.  When the present Cuban government changes we
would like to keep/return it to its natural state while still keeping in
the land in the family's possesion as it has been for perhaps 200 years or 
more.  To do this requires some kind of sustainable source of income.  

We know how to grow high quality coffee but, we are wary of this because it
would require repopulating the area which now seems to have been
abandoned.  Ecotourism is a possibility and there are a number of historic
sites and a large number of caves in the area.  Tropical precious woods
grow very fast and well in the area, however logging would have to be done
with discretion and only in certain areas, other areas would need to be

My training is as plant biochemist and germplasm specialist and i have
been talking to other scientists about this for some time. The ideas now
include screening of plant and microfloral germplasm for useful and
clonable genetic traits.  This ties in well with what i do for a living in

Another envisioned project is to do microcalorimetric selections for
growth rate and climatic adaptation of precious and useful tropical trees
i also have the expertise and experience in this.  For instance the
germplasm of species of Gliricidia now used for living fence posts could
be used to find rapid growth clones.  These clones could be planted at
lower more, accessible, locations to reduce damaged caused by illegal
cutting.  Data from Sri Lanka reports that 64 Kg of "green loppings" per
tree per year from unimproved clones. Such a project would involve both
instrumentation and tree nursery facilities, but these would take up
little space. 

Any constructive, especially practical non-academic, advice would be of 
interest, but please no Druid talk. 

Larry Daley Garcia-I~niguez

On 29 May 1996, Todd Johnson wrote:

> Greetings! I saw this list included in a routing from sanet. As an
> agroforester whose experiences have been primarily in places
> far from accessible for net use, I am interested in sampling the
> kinds of technical material that gets bounced around the world
> on pertinent lists such as ag-forst. Would the moderator or
> someone on this list please send me info on how to subscribe?
> I suppose a FAQ on the list protocols might be useful too. 
> Thank you! 
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