advice sought concerning precison location technology

Stefan Holm stefan.holm at
Wed Jun 19 14:47:11 EST 1996

phil at wrote:
>We are working on a project for the Office of Naval Research, U.S. Navy, looking at commercial applications of defense technology. One technology could be
>adapted for navigating moving equipment conducting logging.  Given a signal and a GIS map, it could locate the equipment with GPS of GLONASS (Soviet GPS)  in
>real-time, project its path in four dimensions (x,y,z and time), and provide that input to an autonomous vehicle controller or a human operator in order to ensure the
>equipment moved where intended and harvested where desired.  For precision sustainable forestry, it could even alert the operator whenever a specific tree was to be

>Phil Speser

Why not try The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden:

Regards,  Stefan H.

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