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Sat Jun 29 22:11:48 EST 1996

                      In need of an expert ?
                You want to register your expertise?
    Your organisation wants to register their staff worldwide?

Take part in World's largest Expert Interface database system for South-South
transfer of expertise, the:

                        TOOL EXPERT INTERFACE

What is the Tool Expert Interface?
The Expert Interface is a database with information on experts and advisors.
All of these experts are specialists in one or more fields, and all have
working experience in the South. The database serves as a kind of "Who is who"
in the small-scale technology.

This database gives you the opportunity to register yourself or your
company into the Expertdatabank and links supply and demand in the field
of development cooperation.

For whom is the Tool Expert Interface?

The Expert Interface is for all those who are working in the field of transfer
of technology. An unique feature of this reference guide is that the
information is available in electronic form. All communications take place via
E-mail. This means that in order to use the Expertdatabank, the user must have
an E-mail connection.

As this system is new, you are free to use all the functions until January
1997. If the Expertdatabank then proves to be what you expected and you would
like to prolonger your connection with the Expertdatabank you can stay
connected upon the payment to an annual amount of $35, of which further
information will be send to you at the end of the year.

If you are interested to receive the software, 1 diskette, please send an
E-mail message to:

tool.tis at

or toolnetmember send this to number 9:1031/7.988

We will send you the software by post.

Hope meeting you soon in the ExpertdataBank,

Regards  Hans Scheen
TOOL Information Services

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