Maine's forestry ban referendum

Michael Hobbs mhobbs at
Tue Jun 25 23:57:17 EST 1996

Mark A. Hunt wrote:
> Whilst I don't necessarily disagree with any or all of the points made in this
> post, I hardly think this group should be the forum for local political
> debates. As a scientist I never cease to be pissed off by people putting
> forward a political opinion that really only reflects a cultural perspective
> and dressing it up as fact. I won't encourage this sort of crap by responding
> to any of the specific arguments.

I disagree for two reasons.

I think the article is to the point of a newsgroup called agroforestry

Second, this group dosen't have the problems that infect so many Usnet 
News groups.  I don't know why, but we just missed out on all the ads 
for 10,000 girlie pics.

Michael Hobbs
Minneapolis Minnesota, USA
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