How many trees?

D. Braun dbraun at
Fri Mar 1 16:07:03 EST 1996

On Fri, 1 Mar 1996, D. Braun wrote:

> On 1 Mar 1996, Robert G. Weinberger wrote:
> > 
> > The original poster specifically asked "How many trees would 
> > have to be destroyed to produce 563,000 sheets of copy 
> > paper?"(neither grade of copy paper nor size of paper or trees
> > were specified).  Other comments in the original post gave 
> > strong indication that the poster's understanding of forests and 
> > papermaking was probably gained *primarily* from reading books and 
> > flying over the forest - not unlike the indications one gets from 
> (snip)>  
> > Bob Weinberger - 
> > Not a scientist, but a manager who uses scientists and 
> > scientific method to gain a clearer understanding of complex biological
> > processes, so that I may better accomplish goals that I, my employers, 
> > our customers, and much of society deem to be good. 
> >                                                        
> I guess I am "the poster".  I really don't have time any more to respond 
> to your attacks on my credibility.  Be it known that bias rests in every 
> human's observations and interpretations of the natural world.  To claim 
> otherwise is simply not true.
> 		-- Dave Braun ("the poster")

Correction: I was NOT the original poster to this thread; I was the first 
to post in response to Jack ----, the person that responded to the 
question about trees and paper.  I am not in the habit of posting 
questions just to get a thread started--- I think this is called 
"trolling".  I just misread the latest message in this thread, which I 
think has run its course.  This is obvious to me when my detailed 
responses are met with personal attacks, instead of discussion of the 

			Dave Braun 

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