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My name is Lucy Haughwout, I¹m in 8th grade at the Mendocino Middle
School. Our school is only 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Mendocino is a small
town about 150 miles north of San Francisco. 

 I¹m writing you to try to get some information on my project. The topic I
choose was mold, the type of mold I choose was bread molds. My
Investigative  Question is:  How does bread mold spread? The reason why I
choose this topic is because I was interested in how bread molds, in 6th
grade we did an experiment on how bread molds, but we didn¹t really get
into it and it wasn¹t very detailed and I didn¹t really learn much, so I
wanted to an project on mold but this time more detailed. 

 We really don¹t have any good resources, we only have our library at the
school which is very small and we are lacking books. In our area there is
no big university, we only have a little collage which is even smaller
then our library. I don¹t really know that much about mold, I do know that
where we live on the coast there is a lot of mold because it is so damp. I
also know that mold grows on food, like bread when it gets old. I know
that bread mold usually looks green and and white little dots. I¹m pretty
sure that there are different kinds of mold.

These are a couple specific questions that I have,
* What ingredients keep bread from molding of might cause faster mold?
* What effect does moisture have?

Even though we don¹t have good resources in books, we do have a full
access to the inter net. So if you know of any web sites or other
locations, we would be greatly appreciated. 
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Thank you,
Lucy Haughowout

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