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Thu Mar 7 09:22:22 EST 1996

 > p.s Because you believe that because I supposedly don't have first hand 
 > knowledge of the forest products industry, be it known that:
 > I have worked for 2 years for arborist and urban logging concerns;
 > I can fall a tree acurately, buck to length, and haul logs with a 
 > skidder;
 > I can climb, trim, and top trees (for removal) using arborist gear;
 > I carried out research in pest management of second-growth pine-fir in 
 > eastern washington, which concludes that thinning greatly reduces 
 > economic losses to the mountain pine beetle.
 > I count as friends several practicing foresters, arborists, and 
 > ex-loggers.                                                        

You have experience in the arborist field, not the forest products industry.
You should not confuse the two.

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