Forest Fire

Mark Watson s746535 at
Thu Mar 7 22:15:09 EST 1996

Ditch wrote:
> Jean-Marc FRIGERIO <jmf at> wrote:
> >Jean-Benoit Lanca wrote:
> >>
> >> Hey, I was wondering if perhaps someone knew of any: conferences, list
> >> servers, mail groups...; anything on: forest fires, fire ecology, fire
> >> maps or mapping....
> On the Australian National University (Dept. Forestry) home page there is a
> connectioon to 'Firenet'.  I have not looked at this page for some time but I
> believe it is ever-expanding.  the forestry home page is:
> Enjoy!
> Ditch


There is a conference to be held at Lorne (in Victoria, Australia) in 
October 27-31 titled: "13th Conference on Fire and Meterology" with 
emphasis on landscape fires. I have just started my PhD on identifying 
fire-resistive vegetation, and if you would like to exchange info my 
email is eastran at Not the above address, (I'm 
borrowing someones computer!!) 
Cheers. Cuong Tran.

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